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News Archive

2007 News

16th May 2007 - Happy 17th Birthday to Thomas Sangster!!

11th May 2007 - Fresh off the Russian DVD of The Last Legion I've uploaded over 200 screen captures.

24th April 2007 - Although a little late we now have an interview with some of the kids from Nanny McPhee including Thomas.

22nd April 2007 - Added a bunch of new sites to the Links page. Good to see more Tom fans.

12th April 2007 - The world premiere of The Last Legion was on the 6th April in Abu Dhabi. See the upcoming release schedule for more dates. There is also a Russian official movie website with new movie photos.

4th April 2007 - We have the new Russian TV interview online with photo gallery and English translation. This is one of the best interviews around. Thomas talks about his past, present and future. Did you know that Thomas auditioned for the role of Harry Potter? Don't miss it!

30th March 2007 - Thomas' Doctor Who episodes will be airing on the 19th and 26th May this year on BBC One in the UK.

11th March 2007 - Thomas is the voice of Ferb in Disney's new animated comedy 'Phineas and Ferb'.

24th January 2007 - Thomas will be playing the role of Tim Latimer in a 2-part episode of Doctor Who later this year.

2006 News

29th November 2006 - Check out some great new The Last Legion stuff. Zephyr Films has info and a gallery and Scoops also has a gallery.

19th November 2006 - Just a tiny update today. Cleaned up some outdated info, added some details to the biography page, added some entries to the filmography page, and removed some old links.

10th August 2006 - Everyone please accept my apologies. I just don't have the time to update this site very often. For now check the articles and links pages for a few new sites of which some do update more regularly than I can.

18th March 2006 - Well, well, well. It has been nearly 18 months since I've been able to work on this website. In fact during this time I've probably only loaded it up half a dozen times and am quite surprised and pleased that there has been quite a bit of activity from visitors.

I haven't checked the email account either during this time so please don't be offended if you emailed and received no reply - it wasn't anything personal.

By the looks of things Tom has been very, very busy since I last updated the site so there is a whole heap of work needed to be done to catch up.

So in closing I will endeavour to build the site up over the coming weeks. I have setup a special email account where you can submit news, pics, links or anything that you think would be of interest to visitors to the site. The email to send to is not@active.anymore.

I look forward to providing a place for Tom's fans once again.

2004 News

19th September - Tom is on the preliminary list of nominees in the category of Young Celebrity of the Year at The Celebrity Awards - a brand new awards show for ITV1. The show will be transmitted on Wednesday 29th September at 8pm on ITV1. The awards will be voted for by the British public with a tie-in with a national UK newspaper and magazine, as well as online and phone voting.

18th September- Just discovered that Tom is to appear in the movie 'Love is a Survivor'.

10th August - If you use Winamp as your media player then have a look at these skins featuring Thomas made by a fan.

25th July - Finally! Here are some nice screen captures from Bobbie's Girl.

9th July - I can't believe it's a month since my last entry. I promise the new piccy's are coming soon. Btw, Mozilla users will notice the header of the site is now fixed.

11th June - Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been too busy with other work. I recently got copies of Miracle of the Cards and Bobbie's Girl so expect lots of new piccy's soon. Plus I'll also upload some of the extras from the Love Actually DVD.

16th May - Happy Birthday Tom!

12th May - For those that missed the post on the ShoutBox here are the photo's from Nanny McPhee.

11th May - Gave the site a bit of a facelift. There are probably a few little glitches that will need to fixed. :)

10th May - Found an old article about Thomas.

6th May - Have a look at this thread in the forum for some latest news on Tom.

4th May - I haven't had a lot of time for updates lately. Tom's birthday is now less than 2 weeks away!

12th April - Forum launched!

11th April - Want a wallpaper for your desktop? Have a look in our gallery.

9th April - Thomas now has an approved fanlisting site entitled Lovely.

8th April - Uploaded some captures from the 2nd Feather Boy episode.

23rd March - We've added some captures from the 1st Feather Boy episode.

16th March - The Feather Boy TV series starts today in the UK (4:55pm on BBC1). Lucky Brits!

A Feather Boy press pack is available on the web or in PDF format (bbc or local).

Also, thanks to Homer for pointing out this new article on Thomas.

13th March - Hot off the pre-DVD we are proud to present over 150 Love Actually captures.

28th February - We now have a fanmail address for those wanting to contact Thomas.

27th February - It has been confirmed that Thomas is in the new film - Tristan & Isolde.

25th February - Added some official photo's from The Miracle of the Cards.

24th February - Big update today. New layout & colours, new biography information, some new pics, and most of all, a fabulous interview from an Italian magazine.

21st February - Added a Visitor Submissions gallery. If you find a nice photo why not send it to us.

20th February - A lot of people are asking me about Thomas' fan mail address. I'm making some enquiries and will hopefully have something very soon.

16th February - Have a look at the new captures from Hitler: The Rise of Evil.

15th February - Just testing an image gallery. It's a bit of a mess at the moment. Give me a few days to tidy it up.

11th February - Thanks to an anonymous yet generous visitor we now have over 70 vidcaps of Thomas from the movie Love Actually.

8th February - We now have our own domain -

2nd February - Site launched.